I'm going TO DO IT ALL MYSELF!  Elf it I am!  I'm ready for 1 September 2015, and I'm going to prove it!  Here I go...Sapphire level for me....


Intro price until 15 August 2015  $1,099 (GST inclusive), this is a $400 and 25% savings.

I'm a little unsure... If you want to "test" Karen out first, why don't you book in for a Discovery Session?  You'll have a 40 minute phone call live with Karen, and receive some great information that you can act on after the call.

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Small Business Super Woman Program

Are you a woman that is a small business owner and super woman - trying to do it all?  Are your intentions fabulous but your follow through not so good?  Are you crashing into bed every night and feeling run down?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and just wanting some time to find some time?  Aren't you trying to create your ideal life?  Why isn't it happening?

A Little Elf has the program for you! 

As a Productivity and Organising consultant, Karen Koedding has worked with hundreds of clients over the past 10 years organising their homes, businesses, schedules, and helping them get things done. 

In working with her superwomen clients, she has found over and over that:

1. 100% of her clients say that they are feeling overwhelmed and stressed as a result of disorganisation.

2. They are working too many hours and are struggling to get things done as a result.

3. One or more major parts of their life is suffering - their business, their income, their health, or their home/love life.

These lovely clients are feeling unhealthy, unhappy and overwhelmed.

Based on feedback from our clients and Elffans, our small business superwomen want the information and tools to get organised, systemise at home and work, and to manage their time. 

The program includes:
   -   Decluttering and organising your home and office.  Out it goes!  In comes the abundance and serenity!
   -   Managing your time, tick tock, oh look, I have free time!
   -   Systemising at work and home 1,2,3.  Now someone else can do it.
   -   Getting sh...tuff done!  Finally!
   -   Keeping it all in control, because you are a Super Woman who knows how to create time.
   -   Much more about building your business and your dream lifestyle.

Some of our recordings even include the option of listening to the one for mothers with children at home, or listening to the one for women that don't have munchkins wrecking the joint.

We're including some checklists, and for the higher level programs, you'll find business templates and even a template for your Business Policies Manual.

The higher level programs also include a private Facebook group, live Q&A teleclasses/teleseminars, and one on one coaching sessions with Karen Koedding.  Plus, in the planning is a Small Business Super Women Retreat in 2016.

Check out the table below, and let's get going!  There's limited capacity for the higher level programs. 

I want to go for Emerald or Ruby level, please have Karen give me a call!

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Courses for female entrepreneurs and training for Professional Organizers.