We help you with decluttering, organizing, time management and move management.

We also offer courses for female entrepreneurs and training for Professional Organizers.


*A Little Note about SPELLING:  We spell organising with an S and also with a Z as organizing is spelled differently in different parts of the world.  We've done this on purpose.  We don't like typos or spelling errors either! There's a few other words on our website that may be spelt with Australian English or American English, for example favourite-favorite and color-colour because we want everyone to feel included!

Karen Koedding

A Little Elf is a Professional Organising Firm based in New York City and Sydney, Australia.  The founder of A Little Elf is Australia's first Certified Professional Organizer.  A Little Elf was born in New York City in 2004.

A Little Elf offers hands-on organising, relocation services, organising consulting and advice, training seminars, and Skype coaching  for residences and small businesses.  We provide innovative ideas and solutions, and practical tools and skills to help people and businesses on their way to being more organised. 

It is a well known fact that disorganisation creates stress. And you carry this stress around with you everywhere you go.  We will help you to get organized, giving you more time and energy to do the things that are important to you and a new found freedom from chaos and stress. We will help you create an organised space that will allow you to take control of your belongings, clutter, paperwork – whatever it may be that is stopping you from living a full and productive life, as opposed to these things controlling you.

Each Little Elf is hand selected and trained by Karen Koedding.  Every Little Elf must have values shared by Karen including respect, strong ethics, and the desire to make a difference in our clients’ lives.

Elves are matched to clients and projects based on their life and organising experience and theirs and the client’s personalities. 
A Little Elf is available to help clients in Australia and America.

Karen’s background includes degrees in Accounting and Interior Design, along with extensive experience as an Accountant and Financial Controller.  This past work environment means she is extremely capable at managing your sensitive and confidential items or paperwork.

Karen knew that she had to make a career change from Accounting when she was having more fun decorating her office and organising her desk drawers. Her colleagues and friends always commented on how well-designed her offices and home spaces were.   Looking for variety and a creative outlet, Karen returned to school to get a degree in Interior Design.  Once there she discovered Professional Organising as an industry and was hooked!

It hasn’t taken long for Karen to make her mark in Australia. In 2009 she was selected to work with internationally renowned professional organiser, Peter Walsh, to organise a home for a feature on Australian television. Her services were also the major prize for Marbig (twice), Australia’s office supplies giant, Howard's Storage World, Australia's organisational products retailer, and Canon Australia promoting their PIXMA printer. She has transformed the messiest offices in Australia into spaces of productivity. She has been a featured speaker at Officeworks, Australia's biggest office supply store chain.

Karen is Australia's First Certified Professional Organizer, an international designation.  Karen also served 4 years on the National Committee of the Australasian Association of Professional Organisers.

The Little Elf Team

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