A Little Elf offers a Six Figure PO Business Coaching/Consulting Program for all Professional Organisers in business more than 3 years.

This program is only for those that are experienced, have worked with clients, are members of their country's organizing industry association.

Are you debating going back to corporate work?  Debating restarting your original career or going and getting a part time job?  Are you struggling in your business?  Are you just not getting to the next level in your business?

Karen Koedding has been in business for more than 10 years, and even started her business twice, in 2 countries on opposite sides of the world. 


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LOVE your organizing clients and business?  Hate your low income?  Want to have a Six Figure Professional Organizing business?

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In working in her own business, and in mentoring, networking with, working for and with, and in subcontracting hundreds of Professional Organizers in several countries, Karen has learned that many Professional Organizers have the following three struggles:

1. They didn't realize that running a business is a full time job separate from their professional organizing work and have fallen behindon marketing, bookkeeping, chasing outstanding receivables, business planning, and general admin.

2. They're not making enough money, much less making anywhere close to what they used to make in their first career.  The love of the business and clients isn't paying their bills.

3. They're not getting enough work and are losing their confidence, so therefore, giving up on marketing and sales.

The Six Figure PO Business Program is a 4 month coaching and consulting program delivered to you by Karen Koedding.  Karen will speak with you via Skype 8 times over the 4 months, approximately every other week.  She's going to help your figure out what is stopping your business from growing and is going to work with you to change that.  Karen doesn't believe in only coaching, if she knows the answer, she's going to tell you.  She has worked with coaches before, and struggled to find a consultant, who could fill in the missing pieces for her specifically.  So she knows what it's like being asked by your coach, "well, if you knew, what would the answer be?"...a technique used by many coaches.  Not a chance you'll hear that from her.  She'll be a mentor and get you back on track.

Tara Kenavan, aka "Aunt Tootsie" from 21Times Professional Organizing in Los Angeles went through our Beta version of the program.  This is what she has to say:

"Karen has an amazing wealth of knowledge and experience and an incredible willingness to share them, along with her hard earned “secrets”.  From branding advice to practical implications of daily routines, Karen’s skilled guidance makes creating the business you desire achievable.  She has a unique ability to listen and hear between the lines. 

Karen's extensive knowledge of the organizing industry helped me focus on the next steps of advancing my career by increasing my levels of productivity.  After three months, I am running a different business than when we started coaching sessions.  My days are accomplished and efficient rather than just busy.  I also have more clients and am making more money!

She has creative ideas, which she shares generously and a brilliant insight into people's character.  Karen helps target how to integrate one's identity and expertise in order to grow your business.  Throughout the process, she offers invaluable advice and guidance.  You are never alone on this journey with Karen by your side.

With her characteristic sense of humor, Karen shakes you out of your comfort zone - motivating you to think, learn, grow and achieve.  Your success is important to her!"

The 6FPO Business Program is available world-wide, as it is delivered online and via Skype. 

The 4 month program includes checklists, templates, live Q&A group conference calls, plus a listing on the A Little Elf website, and the invitation to apply to be endorsed by Karen Koedding in your listing.

There's limited capacity for this program due to the amount of customization and time that Karen will spend providing you with both coaching and consulting.  It's limited to 4 Professional Organizers starting every 3 months.  The program begins 1 March for the first intake.

Here's the thing... Karen is only going to work with you if you are an experienced Professional Organizer and are motivated and committed to doing the work required to grow your business during this program.  That's why she needs to speak to you before you enroll in the program.
Note, there is no guarantee of your business achieving 6 figure revenue,much less in 4 months, but Karen will give you the information that you need to take your business to that level.  Your commitment, motivation, and follow through are the determinants for your success.  If your revenue is dramatically below the 6 figure point now, it will take you time and effort to get to that point.

Karen has a no nonsense approach to delivering information and in her expectations of your role in the program, it's the New Yorker in her.  At the same time she likes to have fun and is kind and respectful.  Just expect the truth and to make changes.