Organising Your Business
By, Karen Koedding, A Little Elf

 Now is the time to get your business organised!  A Little Elf recommends you take some time to get your working environment in top shape.  Here are some great Financial New Year’s resolutions you can make:

- Set up an efficient, streamlined filing system that is easy to use.

- Fix any broken or damaged office equipment, or if it’s irreparable, throw it away or recycle it.

- Clear up the software icons and files on your desktop…delete or file into document folders.  Find some clear space on your desktop!

- Back up your computer hard drive- it’s a good idea to set a reminder in your Calender to do this regularly.  If you need help in Sydney, contact Mosaic IT and tell them A Little Elf sent you.  They can set up a backup system that you won’t  need to do anything to backup regularly.

- Go through all the messy bits of paper or post-it notes you have lying on your desk/ stuck to your computer- copy down any of the important information, phone numbers or appointments into a notebook or on your computer and throw the rest away (shred any sensitive information)

- Sort through your email inbox and file your emails into appropriate categories. If possible, archive old emails and start new folders for this year.

- Set up your new financial year accounting files, whether it is suspension files in a filing cabinet or a binders.  Indicate the year on all labels, this allows for easy archiving, and easy destruction once the record keeping time frame expires.

- Implement a policy that everyone’s desk/office space needs to be clear and organised at the end of the day.

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