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Organise yourself to a Good Morning!
By, Karen Koedding, A Little Elf

“Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.” ~ William Penn

Are your mornings often frantic and chaotic?  Are you wasting time that you could use to plan for the day or connect with your family?  Would you like to have a smooth start to your day?  Take the stress out of your mornings with some simple organising the night before.

Here are eight tips to help you get there:
1. Clear your desk and put things away every night before you go home.  This ensures that when you come into work in the morning you have a clear space and can be productive and creative.

2. Hang a key organiser right inside your front door.  Get in the habit of always putting your keys on the hook when you come in the door.  This will prevent a mad search in the morning.

3. Open your mail immediately after walking in the door.  Open the mail over the recycling bin and a bin for collecting paper for shredding, disposing of as much as possible.  Get rid of the envelopes, throw out paper and items you will never get around to reading, unfold the paperwork you are keeping so it takes up less space.  Put whatever you are keeping into your Action System, which you will act on at least one per week.

4. Before you leave work for the day or before you go to bed compile a list of things that you want to accomplish the next day.  Be careful not to overload the list.  It is best to do this at least an hour before bed so that you can relax and sleep well.

5. Spend 20-30 minutes going through your home moving things from where they’ve been left to where they belong.  Put it all away before you go to bed.

6. Decide what you will wear the next morning the night before.

7. Have a separate bag for each of your activities, so that you don’t need to pack/unpack all the time.  For example, if you go to one gym and take yoga classes elsewhere, have 2 bags and always use them only for those activities, keep them packed and ready to go.  If you travel for business often, have a kit of your toiletries always in your suitcase, so you only need to refill them, not pack and unpack.

8. Gather everything you will bring with you the next day, and put it near the front door.

Sweet dreams and smooth mornings!

 Copyright A Little Elf 2008.  All rights reserved.