We help you with decluttering, organizing, time management and move management.

We also offer courses for female entrepreneurs and training for Professional Organizers.

*A Little Note about SPELLING:  We spell organising with an S and also with a Z as organizing is spelled differently in different parts of the world.  We've done this on purpose.  We don't like typos or spelling errors either! There's a few other words on our website that may be spelt with Australian English or American English, for example favourite-favorite and color-colour because we want everyone to feel included!

"You have completely transformed my life!"
- Pam, busy mother & CEO

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We are based in  New York City and Sydney, Australia.

10 Reasons to choose

A Little Elf


1. Your happiness is our purpose.

2. We create the fantastic space that you deserve.

3. We help you find more time for important people and activities.

4. Elves make the organising experience fun!

5. We help you to be more efficient and relaxed.

6. We teach you new skills to stay organised and to manage your time.

7. We make it easy.

8. We make your needs our top priority.

9. We help you when you do not have time or energy.

10.Hiring A Little Elf can change your business, home, and life.

Hi, I'm Karen & I love to help busy women like you organize your business, home, and time so that you have more time to spend with the people you love doing the things that you enjoy whilst enjoying your continued success.