No day is the same for us at A Little Elf! We can go from working on a complete lounge room makeover to sorting out years of paper and filing in a business office. Our client's needs are unique in every way - from personal likes and dislikes, work style and life style, and the way in which they manage their belongings, information, and time on a day to day basis.
Whatever your needs are, A Little Elf can provide a tailored solution to get you organised and the tools to help you stay that way. Read on to find out the type of work we have done and what our clients say about us.

"To say that my paperwork was in a mess is an understatement!!  With Karen's hands-on help and her coaching through my messy mindset, I was able to get everything in order and have the confidence to maintain a well ordered system for my personal and business files.  Initially I was embarrassed of my situation but Karen is so friendly and supportive that the process was actually enjoyable.  The relief of having my entire office in order is immeasurable.  A Little Elf can definitely help!" 

-    Russ Ayres, CEO, Bondi FM

"The city office came out great!  The space is much more usable and the filing system and organization is wonderful.  I really appreciate the help.  As I get more clients, if some of them need help with organizing, I know who to turn to!!!"

-   Mark Stone, Tax Consultant, New York

"On behalf of Cassandra and myself, I thank you so much for the marvelously effective job you performed in our offices.  This was the first time in four years that I was able to consider my office my own due to the clutter left behind from previous administrations.  You and your staff miraculously transformed our work environment.  You were systematic and thorough.

Words do not suffice when sharing the depth of our gratitude and appreciation.

We are also extremely proud that we have been rather successful in maintaining an organized environment.  We would be delighted to act as a reference for you to anyone who needs your professional services.  We certainly believe that everyone can benefit from them.   You are indeed performing an invaluable service.

Four drawer legal size filing cabinet                         $350.00

File folders and hanging files                                    $ 75.00

Matching desk set                                                     $150.00

Getting Organized by "A Little Elf"                            $ PRICELESS!!"

-   L Murray, School Principal, New York

"I recently engaged A Little Elf to sort out my home office and tax filing system. The brief was to simplify my paperwork for both ongoing filing and tax presentation. Within 3 days it was completely sorted, with a minimum of input from me. It was efficiently handled with a great result.

I would highly recommend anyone who needs their office or files sorted but don’t know where to start, to call A Little Elf. "

-   Debbie Donnelley, Real Estate Business Owner, Sydney

"I was surprised at how easy getting organised can be. A Little Elf helped me implement simple and basic changes in the way I operate on a day-to-day basis, and I am now in control of many of my bad habits that have formed over many years. With her logical advice and practical hands on help, my office and paper pile is the most organised it has ever been."

-   Laurelle Halford, Entrepreneur, Alice Springs

“I engaged the services of A Little Elf to assist me in the planning, organising and packing of the house I had sold and lived in for over 10 years.  I was finding it to be a daunting and overwhelming task but Karen came over for the first meeting and we worked out a timeline for the project.  With her and her associate's assistance we achieved the goal smoothly within a given time frame.

I would highly recommend A Little Elf for a thoroughly professional and personalized service which included a whole network of other liaisons e.g. hiring boxes, hazardous wastes disposal, council recycling places, etc.  I wish A Little Elf every success.”

-   Maralyn Nash, Artist/Art Therapist, Sydney

"I still can't believe that we're moved into our new place, and its already feeling like home!  Pictures hung, drapes in place.  Friends who knew us in our former home cannot believe how great the place already looks.  They ask, why aren't your floors strewn with boxes? 

This process began in March and finished in December due to the slow house sale and my physical limitations.  You and your staff led us through an enormously entangled life - over 20 years in the making - with your phenomenal organizing skills and supportive nature. Not one detail went astray.

I can't thank you enough for your help and guidance."

-   Joan Howard, Retired Teacher, New York

" The day that you come every month is my favourite day of the month!"

-   Susan, busy mum & professional, Sydney

"I was really pleased with how easy it was to go through everything and create a system that works for me. Now I keep the system, and after you left, I even organised the rest of the house as well, so now the whole house is organized. The system is really easy to use and I find that things just never get as messy as they used to. Not only that, but I have a new found energy for keeping it organized. It turns out I’m not a disorganized person after all, I just needed some tools and pointers on how to make a sensible system that works for me! Thanks so much for your help, you really ARE a like A Little Elf!

-   Teresa Foster, Executive Assistant, Sydney

"A Little Elf saw possibilities for my studio apartment that I hadn't seen. She came up with a plan to help me transform what had been an indistinct space into a cozy, multi-purpose living area that suited my needs. I never realized organizing and decorating could be this much fun!"

-   Cristina Slattery, Graduate Student, New York

"Working with A Little Elf was a fantastic experience. Her direction and no fuss approach meant we got organised quickly and painlessly. We would definitely use her services again."

-   Julie Mather, Service Business Owner, Sydney

"You were so awesome in helping me organize my three linen closets as well as my kitchen pantry. I had been procrastinating doing any of it, as I didn't have the time. My pantry was an especially large job and I cringed at the thought of it even though I knew it had to be done. Everything is now so neat and organized and I can find whatever I need quickly and easily. Thanks so much!"

-   Susan Crimi, Manager & Mother, New York

"A Little Elf's Needs Assessment clearly identified and helped me focus on what should be done in order to make my home a more comfortable and orderly space. The room game plan breaks down the overwhelming job of organizing a space into bite-size doable tasks. She had great ideas and I love being able to cross off items on the sheets as we complete them. A Little Elf did it!"

-   Deirdre Peterson, Manager & Mother, New York

"During the consultation with you, I was able to see my problems and recognize what could be done in that present time and what could be done in the future to complete my organizational needs.  Immediately I began to act on your suggestions and I began to see a difference.  The house has taken on a complete change and it even feels different.  You helped me regain my home and I enjoy coming home again.  The house feels so free and open as it did in the past and I am enjoying each room. 

Your work is not done with me yet because I plan to use you and your team in the future to help complete the other decorating suggestions.  Again, I want to "thank you so very, very much" for showing me how to take control of my home again."

-   Saundra Lindsey, Accountant, New York

“I absolutely loved your presentation the other night!  I just seriously didn’t know how amazing you are and your business is.  I was really impressed.”

-   Daniel Vasin, Chartered Accountant, Sydney

"An excellent introduction to getting organised.  Karen and Helen are both very knowledgable, approachable and full of great ideas.

-   Patricia Hoyle, Writing Consultant, Sydney

"Practical ideas which I will implement right away"

-   Lyn Morehen, Landscape Designer, Sydney

"I learnt a lot from both speakers.  I liked and will introduce one of the paper filing systems that Karen spoke about."

-   Paul Cechellero, Surveyor, Sydney


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