This program is delivered via:

12 audio recordings - that you can listen when it's convenient for you

A manual with 12 modules

3 one-on-one coaching calls with Karen Koedding

Plus special bonuses as you go through the program

These are some of the topics that you will learn (plus much more!):

Organising Techniques...find out what you don't know

Marketing to build your business

Working with Clients...there's a lot to know! to set up your business in a way that works for your goals

Potential Issues...emotional, financial, quality control, the unexpected

Working on projects...creating teams

Plus! all of your questions answered and much more!  Contact us for more information about inclusions and pricing.

The program will be delivered via our exclusive member site online. It will include the manual (pdf) and audio recording for instant access. Plus, you will receive 3 one-on-one calls with Karen Koedding and there will be secret bonuses along the way!

A Little Elf offers our  PO 101 Program for all aspiring Professional Organisers.

This program is only for Newbies, those in business less than one year or in start up mode.

Have you been counting the days until you can quit your "real" job and start your own Professional Organising business?  Have you organized your whole life and organize your friends' homes for FUN?  Are you holding back from quitting the job and starting your own business because you feel you don't know how to do it? 

In meeting with and speaking with hundreds of Professional Organizers over the last 10+ years, Karen has learned that Newbies have the following three struggles:

1. Stuck in planning mode - they've chosen their business name, designed their business cards and have a business plan, but that was all done 2 years ago.

2. A lack of confidence - they are master organizers at home and their friends, but their family teases them for being "anal" and they feel they haven't had real feedback on their skills.

3. Never done it before - they've never had their own business or had to rely on their self generated income.

The PO101 Program is going to teach you how to get past the planning stage and get your first client, or if you've already been working, to get more clients.  The program will teach you skills before you have to learn them the hard way - by losing a client, or damaging your still new and fragile reputation.  We will fast track your learning so that you can be confident that you know what you're talking about and what you're doing.

The PO 101 Program is available world-wide, as it is delivered online.  All you need is access to the internet and motivation to learn how to be a great Professional Organizer.  You will gain the knowledge and confidence to get started.  You'll get some great tips so that when you have your first few clients, you'll look highly experienced, and you'll have fun because you won't worry that you're "not doing it right".

Karen Koedding has worked in the industry in both New York and Sydney, since 2004.  She's seen it all, and would like to share her information with you.  Wouldn't it be great to learn from Australia's First Certified Professional Organizer, and a full time Professional Organizer that has been in business for more than 10 years?


LOVE organising?  Want to become a Professional Organiser?

We help you with decluttering, organizing, time management and move management.

We also offer courses for female entrepreneurs and training for Professional Organizers.