A Little Elf helps businesses move!  We can be your Project Managers and ensure that

everything is moving forward  in your moving plans.

We find that our business clients come to us because none of their team has time to manage

the move, nor the experience to do so.  Most businesses struggle with the following:

1. They've just spent a stressful time finding a new location for their new office.
2. There's never a great time for a move - by it's very nature it's disruptive.
3. They are short on time and experience to manage the project.

That's where we come in!

If you have a long lead time, we can help your managers and teams declutter their space


paperwork to prep for the move.

If it's not a long lead time, we'll get you moving! 

Here's what we do:

1. We'll meet with your key person, as well as with several removals companies to get you quotes for the job. 

2. We'll help your managers and employees to declutter in prep for the move.

3. We'll supervise the removalists for you on the days of the move.  We're skilled at making sure everything ends up where it belongs.  We've managed several moves in which several locations of a business were moved into one new location/headquarters.

4. Then we're going to help you and your team unpack!  We'll set up your offices so that everyone can get back to operations as soon as possible.  We never use a "cookie cutter" approach because we are Professional Organisers, we're going to make sure your business is set up for you.  Plus we're also going to make sure the used packing supplies are taken away.

An example of a move management job that we've done is prepping and updating the project plan, making sure the IT Department and the key person in charge of renovations are on track for the move.  We also made sure to keep the CEO and managers in the loop.

Bottom line is, we want to make your move as smooth and stress-free as possible and to get you settled into your unpacked, organised space as soon as possible.  You'll be back on track for operations quickly. 

Project management is fun for us, and we can't wait to have you fully set up in an organised manner, it's what we love to do!

What do you need to do?  Call us!

Servicing Sydney Australia. Other locations available on request.

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We help you with decluttering, organizing, time management and move management.

We also offer courses for female entrepreneurs and training for Professional Organizers.